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Spray foam insulation

Division 7 provides quality workmanship. Preventing heat loss in your home is what we do. Spray foam insulation is the most effective and efficient insulation in the market. It is safe, environmentally sound, non-allergenic, and dust and fiber-free. And most importantly, it saves you money by stopping heat loss. We typically use 2lb (closed cell) and 1/2 lb (open cell) polyurethane foam.

Fire proofing

These days, there is no room for error in passive fire protection. Being a requirement for structural steel and concrete in commercial construction, contractors cannot afford to take any chances on the quality of fireproofing. That is why Division 7 takes every possible step to ensure that we provide the highest quality fire protection needed.


Fire protection is all about containment. People occupying a building need adequate time to evacuate in the event of a fire. This means that every joint and every penetration should be properly sealed so that each wall and floor partition will hold up to fire exposure for the required hourly rating.

Division 7 has been providing innovative firestop services to help stop the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic fumes. All our systems and our applicators are manufacturers certified.

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